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Send 25 domestic parcels for FREE
You save at least € 110, – (25 packages x € 4.40)

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for sending parcels
within Austria and Germanyerhalb

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    It is much cheaper to send the individual parcels for a certain country as a “shipment” in one or more outer boxes to a SINGLE recipient address (our OTS-HUB Adress)in this country and from there the individual parcels as DOMESTIC Parcels with existing parcel distribution structures to your customers This is how we transform your international parcels (if you send them individually to your customers) intodomestic parcels at domestic fees.

    OnTheSpot has the best domestic rates in its respective countries!


    Conditions of participation for this promotion:
    only commercial senders such as web shop operators or e-commerce companies who are not yet customers of OnTheSpot Service GmbH are entitled to participate in this promotion. A VAT-Number is required. . The sender is solely responsible for sending the individual parcels in an overpack to our Austrian OTS-Hub or to our German OTS-Hub.