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Calculate your shipping cost savings for packages up to 3 kg

For Example: Cross Border Parcel delivery to Austria or Germany

With three simple entries you can determine within seconds your possible shipping cost savings for cross border deliveries to Austria or Germany. Our shipping calculator determines your savings potential for parcels up to 3kg (because these make the most sense in an overpack up to 31.5kg).


It´s simple like that

In the first field, enter your current rates for parcels up to 3kg to Austria or Germany.

What would cost you a larger, heavier overpack up to 31.5 kg to Austria / Germany?

How many single parcels would you place in such a carton (up to a maximum of 31.5kg)? 10, 15, 20 or more individual packages? Please enter the number.

Now please select your desired destination country (Austria / Germany)

Your saving for single deliveries to your abroad customers in AUT / GER is the amount in GREEN.

Our domestic parcelrates in Austria / Germany starts at € 3,90 for deliveries from our Hubs in Austria / Germany to your customers.

The deliveries are fulfilled within 24 h in Austria and within 24 to 48 h in Germany.

But it´s not allways about the price

Cheap shipping costs are important. But service is just as important as the price. To deal with problems at  the parcel-delivery – it´s not your business! It´s the business of OTS:

  • we are your one and only contact for all your questions (or the questions of your customers) relating the deliveries
  • Use the addresses of our OTS hubs as a “domestic” return address
  • returns management
  • Returns collection
  • Customer Service

All these services are included in our parcel rates.