Send packages consolidated to Austria or Germany!


From 3 parcels abroad – in an overpack – you save real shipping costs

The OTS Parcelshipping Principle

It is much cheaper to send the individual parcels for a specific country as a “shipment” in one or more overpacks to a SINGLE recipientaddress in this country and from there to feed the individual parcels into existing parcel distribution structures for the local deliveries in Austria or Germany. This is how we transform your international parcels (if you send them individually to your customers) intodomestic parcels.

OnTheSpot has the best domestic rates in its respective countries!



The Business Parcel Solution

Do like the “really big” online retailers!

Instead of sending individual parcels to your foreign customers (in one country), you “consolidate” these shipments in one or more ooverpacks. Our entire company is geared towards offering small and medium-sized web shop operatorsequal opportunities for shipping costs abroad.

Sameday forwarding

We take over the responsibility for your overpacks and deliver the individual parcels to your customers. On the same day we get your overpacks we directly hand over the single parcels to the parcel service providers.

The individual packages are delivered on the next working day (24h standard delivery time).

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