not the idea is new
but the system


now available for ALL
sizes of webshops

Starting from 3 packages (in an overpack), you can really save on shipping costs. Every day, we win smaller and medium-sized web shops as new customers


International shipping solution for web-shops

How our shipping-solution works:

sending a parcel from Liverpool to London – it´s not really a problem! The shipping costs are reasonable.
The situation is different if you send the same parcel from Liverpool to Hamburg. That may almost double the shipping costs!

That´s exactly the problem we take care of and offer you, with our OTS principle, a simple & clever shipping solution!

Ship your ``single parcels`` as a consignment!

It is much cheaper to send the individual packages for a particular country as “consignments”. Collected in one or more sub-cartons (bulk packets) to a SINGLE recipient address in that country = OTS-Adress. From there we send your parcels to your single customers as domestic-parcels with domestic-rates.

To use the OTS principle and all the associated benefits and services of OnTheSpot, please follow this two simple steps:

Step 1:

Create your free web-account

Register for your free web account at OTS. This is absolutely non-binding and there are no obligations for you. You are absolutly free to send us 10, 20, 200 or 2.000 single parcels per month.

Step 2:


ONE Label fits all (OTS-) countries

After unlocking your web account, you can immediately start creating our “connector” labels. These are shipping labels for OTS internal transport. Each individual package is labeled (absolutely comparable to address labels) and scanned when it arrives at the respective OTS hub. From this, the correct shipping label for the respective parcel service provider will be generated.

This means that you can create your labels with one web account for all our countries.

Same-day forwarding of your packages

We take over your consignments, open them and deliver your “single parcels” to our parcel-service-providers on the same day. The delivery of the individual packages takes place on the next working day (24h regular delivery time).