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No more problems with your international Parcel Returns!

Parcel Returns Management

Our shipping rates also includes the complete Parcel Returns Management.

Of course, it is our highest priority to avoid any returns. Especially those that could arise from lack of clarity in the delivery.

However, if your customers want to return the delivered goods for other reasons, we offer the following service.


Consignment OnTheSpot

Keep the overview about your Parcelreturns abroad

  • Use the respective OTS-Hub address as YOUR return address in the country concerned
  • We accept customer Parcel Returns, collect them in your desired rhythm (14-day, monthly, etc.) and send these returns to you “collected” in a package
  • This saves costs for returns
  • There are NO additional costs for the receipt and interim storage of the returns
  • Only the dispatch of the outer box with the returns contained therein to your address will be charged