managed abroad
sent back – consolitated!

Full control of your returns!

Management of your abroad Parcelreturns

No more extra expenses for returns

In our shipping fees is the management of your parcelreturns included

of course is the top priority to avoid returns principally. Especially returns which occur in the “normal” deliveryprocess.

But when your customers want to return the goods because they are not happy with them, then you can use our easy returnprocess in Austria or Germany.



Check your parcelreturns

at any time

These are the single steps for the returns:

  • use our “local” OnTheSpot-adress in the respective country.
  • we will inform you about every single return per e-mail
  • you can choose the timeframe, we should collect the returns (1 or 2 weeks, monthly, etc.)
  • After this time period we will return the single parcels in one/two overpacks to your warehouse. This makes the returns really very cheap. DThe cost for each return can be less than one Euro.
  • There are no fees for collecting and warehousing your returns.
  • Ónly shipping fees from the OTS-Hub to your warehouse will be charged.