we offer Fulfillment Services in
Austria and Germany


we also offer you solutions for
irregular dispatch once or twice the year

Our OTS hubs also offer you the option of storing goods, combined with fulfillment until shipment. So you are even closer to your foreign customers.



With the OnTheSpot Fulfillment we guarantee the prompt and stringent processing of every single online order. We are happy to take over your warehousing. Order-related and supported by our modern IT, every order is promptly picked and shipped.

Of course, you always have a current stock level – if desired and necessary to the individual LOT number of each article.

Among other things, we serve companies that need medical-technical articles on-the-spot, in the hospitals.

No regularly shippings?

You do not ship regularly but maybe once or twice a year? On special occasions? Then you are absolutely right with us.

From packaging to shipping, we can offer you a tailor-made solution. Best of all: the services are provided in the country in which you want to ship the packages. That is customer proximity and saves time and costs.

irregular shipping