frequently asked questions

In which countries can I use your service?

OTS in an austrian based company. You can use our service actually in Austria, Germany and Italy. We work with high pressure to cover more european countries with our OTS – Service.

From which countries can I send my collective consignements to OTS?

We accept goods deliveries from all european countries.

How do I start a cooperation with OTS?

Please register on our website. After a short re-check of your data, we will send you the access-data for your FREE web-account.

Do I have current liabilities?

No. It doesn´t matter how often or how many parcels you send to OTS. We have one pricing system for all clients. That´s because we work with small and mid sized web shop owners and not with Amazon, ebay, Zalando etc.

Can I generate the parcel labels by myself or electronical?

Yes. With your registration we set up a webaccount for you to generate the parcel labels.

What is your billing period?

We will charge you monthly in retrospect on base of your single parcels you sent to us. These invoices are payable within 8 days.

Are the parcels covered (insured)?

Each parcel is covered from the moment OTS accepted the delivery of the consignement(s). Our maximum claims liability is € 500,- for each parcel.

A higher insurance is available.

Do you offer add on services?

Yes. There are add on services included in our prices like

  • returns informations to you
  • storage and collecting of your returns
  • periodically returns to your warehouse (we only charge the shipping costs of the returns)

For a surcharge you have many possibilities like higher insurance, parcel-shop delivery, etc.

Track & Trace

After creating your parcel-labels, you can track & trace the parcels (and send a link to your customers).

Management of your returns

We offer following services to minimise the returns itself and/or the costs for the returns:

  • you can use our adress as your return adress in Austria / Germany
  • you will be informed about each single return
  • we keep the returns on stock:
    • ´til you place the order for a new delivery attempt
    • or we put it to the periodically returns to you
  • therefore we collect your returns in our warehouse and send them as consignement to your returnadress (we only charge the shipping costs for the returns)

Do you have open questions?

Please let us know, if you have further questions. We come back to you with the answers. Many thanks.

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