ONE Label for all OnTheSpot - Countries

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Please note that the offer of OnTheSpot Service GmbH. directed exclusively to commercial consignors.

Platform-independent IT solution

OnTheSpot takes the next hurdle in the implementation of the INTERNATIONALISATION of its successful business model: international parcel shipping at domestic rates!
Our web-based IT solution for the collection of parcel data and the creation of parcel labels for our customers is the key to a successful roll-out in Europe!

ONE Label for all the ``OTS`` - Countries

Our demand for a such an IT solution was and is a simple one:
“The IT system has to be as straightforward and logical as our business model of collective shipments abroad where we distribute the individual parcels”.
Various IT systems, the ones of our mail order customers and those of the various shipping service providers in the different countries need to be connected as well as linguistic hurdles and country-specific practices need to be taken into account.
All theses challenges can be achieved by using our



Adresslabels become more intelligent as ``Connector``-Labels

The core of our solution is our so-called “Connector” label. This OTS – internal shipping label complies with two essential functions:
• by generating this label on our platform, your individual packages for the respective countries can be clearly identified
• the technical connection of our platform to the various parcel service providers abroad allows us to generate the correct shipping labels on site of our existing (as well as future) OTS – Hubs
This guarantees a reliable identification of your parcels, a stringent tracking from arrival at the respective OTS hub as well as an immediate “Track & Trace” option including a ongoing status update of your packages.

The principle of the delivery abroad

The Connector – Label contains all the data that you provide our system with. The most important thing, however, is the combination of numbers in the form of a barcode. It consists of your OTS customer number AND a unique number (reference number/order id) from your system, which is assigned the order in question.
This combination of numbers ensures on the one hand the identification of your parcel and on the other hand the scans of the barcodes in any of our OTS hubs abroad transmit the address data to the parcel service providers which then leads to the creation of the final shipping labels.

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