to Austria and Germany!

Webshops from all over Europe uses our mode of shipments for parcels to Austria and Germany, to gain access to our low shipping-rates!

Track & Trace

OnTheSpot NEWS: COVID 19 – no restrictions at the parcel-services at this moment.

For the most competitive prices for parcel-shippings – that´s what we working for – for you!

Reducing Shipping costs!

That´s our goal

We offer european webshops the best shipping conditions for their parcels to Austria and Germany. Especially for small and midsized Online-Retailers is this shipping solution a big advantage. It reduces the shipping costs up to 60% for the Retailers. Lower shipping fees have a direct impact on the number of purchases.


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That´s how we reach our goal

OnTheSpot consolidates small numbers of parcels from single web-shops and at the end of the day, there is a big number of parcels. So we deliver month by month 10.000+ parcels with the greatest parcel-services to the austrian and german customers of the web-shops.

To be stronger at the competition

National parcelrates vs. abroad parcelrates

There are not many solutions for small and midsized web-shops, based in europe but not in Austria oder Germany, to get parcelrates for fair money. For this reason, OnTheSpot offers the most competitive shipping rates for parcels to this countries. But that´s not all. OTS provides a wide range of  services around parcelservices. Starting with a “national” returnadress in Austria and in Germany.

Shipping costs

“Founded in the year 2020 we were looking for reliable and competitive parcelservice in our most important markets Germany and Austria. OnTheSpot met our requirements to 100%.” / Lena Landeta, Founder

“We´re cooperating since 6 and a half year with OnTheSpot in the austrian market. We think, this long period of a close collaboration says more than many words … We are looking forward for the good cooperation over the next 10 years” / Petra Fuhrmann, Inhaberin

Test us now! Without any risks!
The first 25 single parcels in Austria or in Germany will be payed
by OnTheSpot!

Shipping Rates, starting at € 4,70!
No restriction at minimum-numbers, no obligations!

Service included

Returns Management, Storage, etc.

The most competitive prices for parcel-shipping is a very important point in our business. But not the only one. A wide range of services around parcel-shipping is the other important point. We offer lot of services and they are included in our prices. RETURNSMANAGEMENT is one of the most appreciated.