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your local Parcelservice

Abroad Parcelshipping at domestic rates. The business solution for small and midsized Webshops

The big players in e-commerce send their own trucks to abroad parcel centers to avoid abroad parcel rates.

OnTheSpot offers you the solution starting with ONE OVERPACK!

1. Parcelconsolidation (in an overpack)
2. Shipping to the Targetcountry
3. Parceldistribution at domestic rates
We hand over your single parcels directly to the best domestic parcelservices. At domestic parcelrates!

Do it like the big shippers. Instead of sending individual parcels to your foreign customers (in one country), “consolidate” these parcels to shipments. You pack them in one or more overpacks or on pallets and send them to one of our OTS hubs on site.
From there, these customer parcels are delivered to the recipients at our low-priced DOMESTIC RATES.

Gain new customers through favorable shipping costs and create confidence through the possibility of a domestic return address. The two most important points, if you offer cross border deliveries. These 2 options are available with OnTheSpot.

The physical presence of our on-site OTS hubs will save you a great deal of money, both when shipping your abroad parcels and during returns. On the one hand, we “transform” your foreign parcels into domestic shipments and, on the other, we collect your returns in our OTS hubs and return them “collected” to your address. So you save yourself up to 60% of the shipping costs abroad.

Your benefits summarized

Relieve your Customersupport
New Customers
On-Site Parcelclarification

European Webshops saved with OnTheSpot in 2019 round about


shippingcosts. In Austria …

In the respective countries we work with the most reliable service providers on the “last mile”. We optimizie your international supply chain … constantly!

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