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We abolish the international parcel rates!

Your personal parcelservice abroad!

Hohe Versandkosten

Your abroad shipping-rates are too expensive?

Is that the reason you loose business?

Disproportionately high shipping costs at cross-border parcel services “hinder” your sale?
You are not alone with this problem. Thousands of small and medium web shop owners suffer like you. Especially in competition with the “bigger players” in e-commerce. They can “optimize” their shipping prices due to their hight package volume!

Shipping like the ``big players``

Consolidation is one of the ``magic words`` - OnTheSpot is the solution

Do it like the big shippers. Instead of sending individual packages to your foreign customers (in one country), you “consolidate” those shipments. You pack them in one or more boxes or on pallets and send them to one of our OTS-hubs on site.
From there, these customer packages are delivered to the recipients at our low-priced DOMESTIC RATES

The power of consolidation AND service!

Webshops from all over Europe use our OTS shipping service!

As a “lone fighter” in the field of parcel shipping, your tickets are bad in “price-poker” with the major shipping service providers. Especially with the parcel foreign dispatch.

At OnTheSpot, we consolidate parcel shipments from all over Europe. For us: “Every package counts!” In Austria, this has made us a major “player” in the field of package aggregation.

Your benefits starts with the first parcel!

We offer many more, than a ``hot price``!

Apart from cheap shipping rates, we offer a whole series of very important benefits;

OTS-IT as an interface to all our shipping service providers
OTS hubs as a “domestic” return address
Parcel clarification on site, in local language
NO minimum quantities
NO advance payment
Monthly billing in the aftermath

Smart Parcel

Test us now and relax, the first 25 Single-Parcels to Ausria are on the house!

The OTS - Principle

easy, clever & money saving

Low Rates

you can count on us …


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