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for Austria and Germany!

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Web shops & e-commerce companies from all over Europe use our CROSSBORDER parcel shipping solution for Austria and Germany!

So sparen Sie Versandkosten!

Unser Ziel

The cheapest shipping costs for parcels to Austria and Germany. That’s what we offer European e-commerce retailers and web shop operators. With this we want to offer smaller and medium-sized web shops better logistics costs in these countries. Ultimately, the customers of these web shops in Austria and Germany should benefit. Because high shipping costs are still one of the biggest obstacles in online trading.


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So erreichen wir unser Ziel

OnTheSpot “bundles” individual, smaller package quantities from many European web shops. The respective number of packages is irrelevant. There are no quantity requirements. Every package counts. So wird aus vielen Kleinmengen eine interessante Gesamtmenge von 15.000+ Paketen / Monat. This package quantity enables us to have special purchasing conditions with the large package service providers. You or your customers benefit from these low prices from the first package!

Wettbewerbschancen steigern

Inlandstarife gegen Auslandstarife im Paketversand

Small and medium-sized web shops located outside of Austria or Germany have almost no chance of achieving cheap shipping costs for these two countries. We offer you the national, domestic package prices and the option of a “national” return address! In Austria and Germany. This improves the competitive chances of these smaller and medium-sized web shops.

Shipping costs

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The first 25 individual packages in Austria or Germany are on the house and are therefore free of charge for you!

Service inkludiert

Retourenmanagement, Lagerung, etc.

The cheapest shipping costs for parcels to Austria and Germany are an important part of our system. But we also refer to our services, which are included in our prices. One of our most valued services, for example, is RETURNS MANAGEMENT